Going anywhere — anytime —Local and Across the USA and Worldwide:

We provide the service and trust of your local firm and still have the coverage of a worldwide network.

You can count on:

*Arrival, setup and equipment test in advance; ready to go on the record.

*Conveniently located, comfortable fully-equipped conference rooms for depositions in the state of Alabama and out-of-town.

*The latest technology for realtime, video, videoconferencing and internet streaming.

*Quick turnaround on a fast-moving case for roughs, expedites, realtime transcripts, in-house videographers and video synchronization.

We partner with NNRC, National Network of Reporting Companies, some of the “Best” firms in the United States, Canada and Europe. NNRC is the most prestigious and largest litigation support network covering 1500+ jobs per day, handling more than 10 million depositions since 1983. As a partner of NNRC, we know that each company has been personally recommended and assessed as the most technologically advanced and dependable court reporting companies in the U.S. and worldwide.

Please book your deposition here for anywhere in the state of Alabama or worldwide:

Please send the Notice of Deposition to depos@bainandassociates.com.