Choosing Bain & Associates makes good sense. We are a one-stop shop. Our team of statewide certified court reporters, videographers and professional staff routinely work together to save time, eliminate errors, and improve efficiency, allowing you to get everything you need all in one place. We also provide confidential online document repository and online calendaring that is available whenever you need it. From advanced synching of transcripts to video clips, realtime reporting using LiveNote, Bridge, Live Deposition, and also text-streaming through the internet, we can customize our services to meet your specific needs, giving you everything you want or need. This means expedited, daily copy, and rough drafts are definitely a part of our day-to-day operations.

Our court reporters have over 30 years of experience in medical malpractice, business law, product liability and other phases of litigation. We provide the transcripts in a multitude of formats; i.e., .ptx, .pdf, with electronic hyperlinked exhibits for viewing within the transcript, condensed, and also DVT format for trial presentation.


We are aware at all times of the highly sensitive nature of all legal information, and in particular the strategic issues related to deposition preparation, document production and trial presentation. We have stringent policies in place to ensure that the confidentiality of your firm, client and your case information are all protected.